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Devin Gee -NY

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Devin was first introduced to turkey hunting at the age of 14. From that first gobble he was hooked and little did he know just how much of an obsession it would become. For the most part, Devin is primarily self taught having to learn on his own in the turkey woods as he was the only turkey hunter in his family. Over time and as seasons passed, friendships were made and his infatuation with the wild turkey grew more and more. He calls upstate New York home and takes pride in introducing and mentoring as many new people to the cat and mouse game of turkey hunting that he can. Devin met owner Tj Jordan after an NWTF sanctioned turkey calling contest and like most turkey fanatics, there was an instant connection. What began as Devin calling for Tj and representing Dirt Nap Calls quickly changed and the push for a bigger customer base began! Devin is a proud supporter of the NWTF and is also a Pro Staff for Mossy Oak. He is happily married to wife Kiersten and has two boys Cayson and Rowan who will soon enough be chasing after the King’s of spring. He is excited to help out a fellow turkey brother and is on the hunt for more promotional staff to represent this growing call company!


Pro Staff

Jeffery Bonnewell -IN

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Jeff grew up in the Hoosier State and was introduced to hunting by his father at a young age. To this day, Jeff continues the hunting tradition with his Mother and Father. Jeff was able to complete a single season Grand Slam during the 2018 spring turkey season. He loves traveling to new states to pursue turkeys on public land. He is a proud supporter of the NWTF through his local chapter.

141Josh Rewa -NY

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Josh hails from Wyoming county in western N.Y. He recalls watching his grandfather harvest a turkey after calling him in to 10 yards. From that moment, Josh was hooked and knew he would grow up to be a turkey hunter himself. Over the years he has taken many nice deer and Turkey. His passion for the outdoors continues to grow and Josh plans on traveling to hunt the other subspecies of turkey around the country in the near future. He also believes very strongly in conservation and the work done by the NWTF to preseve the sport.

Jonathan O’Connor -NY

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Dave Smith -NY

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Dave grew up in a small town in central New York where at the age of 16 was hooked on turkey hunting. Turkey hunting is not his only passion though as he loves deer hunting in the fall, ice fishing in the winter and mushroom hunting all times of the year. The greatest joy for him is getting someone their first bird. This upcoming 2019 season, he plans on calling in his nephews second bird and get it all on film.

Cody Wayman -NY

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Cody grew up and has lived in the Eastern Adirondacks his whole life. His father got him into the outdoors at an early age taking him hunting and fishing when ever he would go. Since then it has grown into a passion for the outdoors. From hiking high peaks in the summer, to hunting big woods in the fall, and fishing in the spring and winter. By far Cody’s favorite thing is Turkey hunting in the spring. Seeing the sun come up and hearing that first gobble, there is no where else he would rather be. Especially now that his daughter is old enough to go and getting to pass the tradition on to her.

Justin Rubas -NY

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Justin is and always has been an avid small and big game hunter. He’s been hunting upstate NY his entire life, being successful every season with either deer, turkey, and even your occasional squirrel or rabbit hunts. He’s raised his 3 boys to follow in his footsteps, teaching them the proper ways to hunt and scout. Most of the time you will find him in his blind or under a blow down with his boys by his side, waiting on that Tom to come in close enough to deliver a dirt nap.

Lucas Hathaway -NY

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Lucas grew up in Deposit New York and was introduced to hunting and fishing by his father and good friend Tim at the age of 10. From then on it was his passion to be in the mountains and rivers of New York and Northeast Pennsylvania, from chasing whitetails with the bow to fly fishing the Delaware river. His first turkey hunt was at the age of 12 where he harvested his first tom and from then on it has been his obsession. It’s by far his favorite season there is nothing better then a beautiful sunrise and hearing those gobbles off in the distance. Lucas also enjoys introducing new people to the outdoors and helping them harvest their first bird. He is happily married to his wife Amanda and has two children ,daughter Avery and son Kolton who he hopes one day will find the same love for the outdoors.

Leroy Upshaw -AL

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LeRoy has lived in Alabama his entire life. He has served in law enforcement for 23 years, the last 12 of which he was the Sheriff of Barbour County. He harvested his first deer and turkey when he was 6 years old and has been hunting ever since. LeRoy is happily married to his wife Stephanie who is also an avid, accomplished hunter. You can find him spending most mornings afield with his other half as they have been turkey hunting for the past 18 years together. LeRoy has a 16 year old son, Brandon, who is also an avid hunter and fisherman. LeRoy introduced Brandon to hunting at an early age and he too harvested his first first deer and turkey at the age of 6! He enjoys all types of hunting, but his true passion is turkey hunting. When he’s not turkey hunting, he is thinking about it.

Dylan Baker -NY

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Dylan grew up in Upstate New York and began his passion for hunting around the age of 4. Dylan would often be found with his dad after a hunt, holding a turkey beard or running around the house with a call in his mouth. Dylan’s passion for hunting and the outdoors lead him to record a number of geese and turkey hunts, as well as several contest wins, all building to his obsession for the sport. Dylan and his friends gather weeks before opening day and coordinate their hunts and strategize new techniques with blinds, calls, decoys and more. The sport of hunting has developed for Dylan into a lifetime of sharing and spreading joy to others as he teaches through his hunts

Steve Case -NY

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Steve is a born and raised native of the Mohawk Valley in Central New York. He grew up in the outdoors, and started accompanying his father and uncles on small game and deer hunts at a very early age. He started hunting himself at age 12, and never looked back. Steve first tried his hand at turkey hunting at 16, and was immediately hooked. The challenge of luring in a Wiley old gobbler is something he finds absolutely irresistible. He is a pretty traditional turkey hunter, but also dabbles in archery. His love for all things outdoors led him to a college degree in Wildlife Management and a career with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. Steve currently resides in Saint Johnsville, NY with his wife and two young sons, with whom he looks forward to sharing his passion for hunting and the outdoors.

Joe Zugzda -NY

Joe has been part of the outdoors for as long as he can remember. He has memories of his dad and uncles bringing him scouting and hunting on weekends. He grew up watching and learning as much as he could from them. Joe harvested his first longbeard at the age of 12. Still to this day, he cannot get enough. Today he hunts mostly in Fulton & Montgomery Counties and also the Southern Adirondacks in Upstate New York. Each upcoming season he sets a yearly goal to call in a bird for his dad and brother and also tries to introduce a new Jr. hunter every year to the sport. Joe is happily married ten years to his wife Heather and has two beautiful girls, Sophia and Mackenzie. Perhaps Joe’s biggest sense of pride is the four of them as a family go hunting together

Justin Thompson -PA

Justin grew up in Southwest PA on the family dairy farm, where his passion for the outdoors began. His dad was a Game Warden and was transferred to Westcentral PA, where he still lives with his wife and 3 girls. When Justin reached hunting age, he began to hunt with his mentor, Harold, who introduced him to turkey hunting on his farm. He killed a very nice bird that first morning, which hangs on his wall to this day. From then on he was hooked on turkey hunting. Nowadays, Justin prefers the challenge of bow hunting turkeys, particularly without the use of a blind. He has also taken to introducing new, young, and seasoned hunters alike to the thrill of spring turkey hunting. As his daughter’s approach hunting age, he plans to introduce them to the sport as well.

Randy Evanitsky -PA

Randy is born and raised in northeast PA. He has been hunting with his Dad since he was 5. His father taught him everything he knows. He is a self employed logger with Beautiful wife of 20 years Bridget who he has three amazing daughters, Sage who is attending Cortland University, Erin a senior at Hancock Central, enlisted in the Army and Lana a junior at Hancock Central. All three girls are fanatical hunters with multiple kills. Randy has hunted PA and N.Y. his whole life. He is absolutely crazy about turkey and predator hunting and loves to introduce new people to the joys of hunting.